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Storia Films

The essence of our company is captured in its name: Storia, meaning ‘history.’ Our proficiency lies in crafting your narrative into a cinematic masterpiece.


Each film is meticulously crafted as a one-of-a-kind creation, a labor of artistry.

Our creations reflect you, infused with your world, culture, and traditions. Distinguished by the cinematic style that defines Storia Films.

Your narrative overflows with love, emotions, and sacred customs, all thoughtfully brought to life with a modern touch.

— Jean Hadjes


Jean grew up in central Paris, surrounded by an environment that nurtured a receptive and inquisitive perspective on the world. 
The richness of a bicultural upbringing fueled his desire to capture the unique, divergent, and authentic aspects of people.
Driven by a boundless passion for the enduring core of visual storytelling, he crossed paths with a director who introduced him to the art of filmmaking, altering the trajectory of a destiny he had previously believed was already established.

After working as a director in the realms of fashion cinema and documentaries, Jean founded Storia Films to bring his unparalleled Cinematic & Storytelling vision to the world of weddings.


Authenticity Over Superficiality
While some wedding film agencies are inspired by fashion and editorial style (fine art) with similar approaches, Storia Films sets itself apart by focusing on uniquely capturing the emotion of your day through a cinematic approach.
We dedicate meticulous attention to the narrative structure, as well as the cultural and spiritual aspects that make your story one of a kind. Our aim is to craft a visual and auditory atmosphere that provides a unique sensory immersion in each of our films. This includes an original music selection, ensuring that each film seamlessly aligns with the ambiance of your wedding.

Our artistic signature establishes Storia Films as the premier choice for couples seeking a cinematic, authentic, and timeless film.